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we might just be crazy enough…

20 Nov

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Our little rascal of a firstborn is turning out pretty okay, so we thought it could be awesome to have another kid in med school.  John, Aurelia, and I are over-the-moon happy, looking forward to welcoming a new little one to our pack in May 2014!  Photos above are from Halloween, as I was just entering my second trimester, and we were starting to come out to close family and friends.

photo (78)

I’m now at 15 weeks gestation and officially into the sweet spot of pregnancy.  My body seems to have fallen into its former pregnancy frame much more quickly.  I woke up one morning last week wondering if I suddenly had a bump or merely the all too standard food baby; a friend later confirmed: “Definitely have a gut.”  Tried to get John to snap a few pictures during our brief moments of overlap this evening…(not the best lighting, but I thought the scattered toddler toys add a certain whimsical, and entirely realistic, quality.)

photo (77) photo (76) photo (75)

This pregnancy has included some interesting challenges that have had me rather preoccupied these last few weeks, though there have been a number of uniquely tender, thoughtful moments as well.  I look forward to sharing them.  I’m having trouble even imagining what having two little ones 19 months apart will be like, but we are thrilled to start this new adventure!