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two weekend victories

10 Nov

It’s been over five months since she mastered “dadda.”  Since then there have been many moments when she so lovingly gazes into John’s face and repeats the name appropriately toward him, over and over.  It’s like 94% adorable/6% heartbreaking when, after being coached “mmma-mma” repeatedly by friends and family, Ari gleefully smiles and says knowingly, “DADADADA!”

John’s tried to console me: “Honey, when she’s really upset, she calls for you.”  Yeah, but that’s the remnants of a muffled sob; I feel like we’re grasping at any potential m’s coming out of her.

But this weekend she has been all about the “mamamamamamama,” babbling constantly.  I know it’s not real, but it feels so good.  And it just took John leaving us for nine days!  (Oh John, please come home.)

Next up: reading to my daughter.  It’s been something to which I’ve looked forward since I think my dad first read me the Boxcar Children series.  But while she’s found books mildly entertaining, Aurelia mostly prefers eating (destroying) them, and they definitely haven’t made it into any family rituals.

Now I think she’s starting to get it, maybe having a little more patience with the pattern and rhythm required of even the simplest book.  Ari’s been clumsily clutching a book half in her mouth, half in one of her little paws, and climbing into my lap for me to read to her.  LOVE it!  Her favorite right now is Wet Pet, Dry Pet, especially the page with the fuzzy blue-haired pet–I’m starting to learn a lot of the rhymes by heart (oh that they don’t push out of Ranson’s criteria for acute pancreatitis that I just attempted to ingrain).

A few snaps of our girls weekend, first out for a walk with Melissa and Ellie, then at brunch with Ellen and Allison:

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That’s the face of a pumpkin donut-induced coma.