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halloween 2013

1 Nov

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I admit it.  I go online and see blogs and facebook pictures of folks making full-out dragon costumes (probably with some device to let their children really breath fire), and I get in a little tizzy about what I might be able to sew together with the old surgical suture kits I stole on the wards.  And then I remember: Aurelia is one, and she’s not reading these blogs.  She screams bloody murder when I try to slip a onesie over her head, do you think she’s going to let me stuff her into an overly hot, itchy costume?  (To the moms and dads out there who effortlessly throw together said costumes without breaking a sweat [and the babies who are chill enough to tolerate them], seriously, more power to you!  And thank you–it’s a delight to see all the cute little critters out on Halloween!)


I told Kathleen that I should just take advantage of that unruly mop of dark hair, scribble a lightning bolt on her forehead, and call it a day.  A few days later I received this email: “Hedwig is coming to Ari *almost* in time for her 1st birthday!  Sort of weird b/c she won’t be bringing mail–she is the mail…but still fun!”  And then came the onesie…and then the leg-warmers!!

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Oh. My. Goodness.  I know I’m biased, but I think my daughter makes the sweetest Harry Potter.  And the costume was made all the easier because one of my best friends did all the legwork (thank you so much, Aunt Kathleen!).  And the costume was comfortable!  When she’s older and cares, I’ll let her make herself slightly miserable by wearing something impractical but trendy.  For now, I’m grateful for the cozy Gryffindor leggings that she’ll sport throughout the winter.


Mischief Managed!  Happy Halloween!