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a girl and her dog

19 Nov

Or, rather, the one she’d love to have.  Enter Polpetta, the sweet-as-pie pup of one of our crossfit coaches.

I should begin by saying that it’s been one of those weeks that requires the frequent googling of cute baby animal pictures.  Physical ailment, anxiety over future childcare, a bit of emotional turmoil, with a sprinkle of step 2 studying woes has me returning to this article more often than I’m sure is healthy (as we are in no position to adopt a puppy, and I am coming painfully close to doing just that).

So I’m taking a break from my empirical essay on physician-parent communication regarding childhood vaccinations to contribute some babe-with-pup media to the internet.

photo 5 (2) photo 4 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (4)

Aurelia and Polpetta first met months ago, when they were exactly the same height.  Polpetta loved to lick faces, which amused Ari for about 20 seconds until it definitely did NOT amuse her any longer.  Now Ari’s a little bigger, and Polpetta’s a bit calmer, and Ari’s taken to shoving her hand directly into Polpetta’s mouth and giggling hysterically.  And docile Polpetta not only tolerates my daughter pinching at her gums (as I try to wrangle her, commanding “Gentle!”), but seems to actually enjoy her company.

Babe’s content, and mama’s blood pressure has decreased.  We need a dog.