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6 Nov

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Let’s be real, I don’t hold a candle to John when it comes to bathtime shenanigans.  I can tell she’s disappointed.  She tolerates me.  Trust me, she’s way more exuberant when John’s the bath administrator.

John’s been not so gently urging me to send him pictures multiple times a day while he’s away, and everyday proves more challenging.  Our girl is literally never still, and I almost get dizzy watching my iPhone continually refocus.  I’m happy to have a few snaps of her clearly smiling, as opposed to blinking in a weird way that makes her look mildly intoxicated.

Day three of step 2 studying was frustrating, but leaps and bounds better step 1.  I’m trying not to stress (trying).  Studying is broken up by papers that still need writing (one of which might have been “due” yesterday), but still going slower than anticipated.  You would have thought that, by my 30th birthday (coming up), I would be able to better estimate the time required to complete a task.  Unlikely.  I’m on page 75 of over 500 in First Aid, and I can’t tell you much about what I’ve read so far in this slightly glorified outline of the clinics greatest hits.

I really rely on bathtime to make the day better.