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sick day

27 Feb

Question: how do women with multiple children and no access to help survive sick days?

John and I concluded that I had/sorta still have the flu.  It sucked.  At one point I literally ripped the babe off my nipple, tossed her (gently but urgently) onto the couch, just in time for me vomit onto the living room floor.  I am thankful for the following:

  1. Eric and Caleb: friends who came to my rescue on no notice, armed with ginger ale, zofran, beautiful singing voices and patient temperaments.  I stole an entire day of studying from Eric; may the USMLE lords smile upon him on testing day!
  2. John: ah, love of my life.  He was supposed to spend two nights in Lewes, DE moonlighting at a local ED.  He called in someone to take his last shift and came home a night early to relieve our friends, coax me into taking antipyretics with a hot toddy, and put me and the babe to bed.
  3. Aurelia: somehow she must have known that I needed her to be awesomely low maintenance (at least until Eric and Caleb arrived–sorry boys!).
  4. Zofran: the antiemetic (anti-vomiting) wonder drug.  It dissolves under your tongue so you don’t even have to swallow.  I would be willing to pay homage at its birth place, the Glaxo’s laboratories in London.
  5. Flu shot: Yes, I got it.  No, it doesn’t/can’t protect against all strains.  But, besides protecting against the majority of influenza virus strains, it reduces the severity of the disease, reduces chances of hospitalizations, protects others in the community, and saves lives.  Today a friend told me her infant nephew died of the flu this winter.  Apologies for being preachy, but if you don’t want to get the vaccine for yourself, get it for those who can’t and need you to protect them.