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the met

13 Feb

It’s good to share a first name with a sister-in-law who’s been a member of the Met since 1996.  And to have a kind, thoughtful, and patient friend willing to venture over to the island to spend the afternoon holding Ari’s hand.  And to have an exhibition of works by Matisse, an artist who clearly had small children who delight in bright colors and large shapes in mind.

met 1met 2met 3met 4met 5met 6met 7met 8met 9met 10

After we said our goodbyes and were moving toward the parking garage, Ari decided that a walk among the sculptures was the MOST hilarious thing.  She giggled for a solid two minutes, had John and me in tears, and enchanted the otherwise stern security guards  There were many great moments of the weekend; that might have taken the cake!

Looking through all these pictures in a row, I see what a chunk Ari’s become–LOVE my healthy, happy girl!