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five-hour shifts

8 Feb

John and I hired a babysitter a couple weeks ago.  She’s a friend, actually, and the girlfriend of one of my classmates.  She comes for five hours once a week.  She’s creative and kind and down-to-earth and Ari adores her.

We also recently started a weekly Daddy-Ari time.  John will block off a five-hour shift when he’s available to take her.  He schedules it on our google calendar.  It’s really a win-win-win; I know he and Ari love their uninterrupted time together.

And, as proof, he sends me stuff like this:

Needless to say, after five hours of sequestering myself in a coffee shop reviewing metabolic pathways or, let’s face it, just getting some errands done that are 80x easier to do sans infant, I am really ready to come home to these kids!

Isn’t it hilarious how we’ve lost all sense of being self-conscious regarding cutesy, silly talk with our daughter in public?