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growing machine

20 Feb


Age: 4 months, 2 days (yesterday)

Length: 25.25 inches (81st percentile)

Weight: 15 lb, 11 oz (60th percentile)

Head Circumference: 16.2 inches (52nd percentile)

What a beefcake.  Look at her busting out of her 6-month clothing:


Since I lost it during her two-month vaccines, John made me wait in the lobby while Ari got her four-month vaccines–apparently being down one shot since Hep B isn’t given at four months makes a world of difference…thanks for sweet white lies, honey.  I could hear her screams from the waiting area, where small children watched curiously as I sobbed underneath the posters about healthy food choices.

A few hours (okay, minutes) later, she was no worse for wear, albeit a bit cranky and sleepy.  An upper respiratory infection on top of things did not help.  It’s a little sad/cute when an infant can’t blow her snotty nose; and the suction thing-y totally traumatizes her.  But the gurgly noise she makes when she giggles is pretty adorable.  Definitely a day to curl up in bed:

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