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absence from normal life

27 Oct

I cannot thank you enough for the phone calls, emails, letters, comments, facebook posts, general good wishes since Aurelia’s birth.  I sincerely apologize for the lack of response on my part.  I think you all get it…the last 11 days have been some of the best and most challenging of my life.  Aurelia has been lovely to us, not to jinx it–she eats, she poops, she sleeps, she cuddles like a pro–but I still feel a little like a shell of a person, operating in a sort of haze.  The outpouring of communication and support helps…a lot.  Thank you, a million times over, and I hope you never think the communication goes unnoticed.

Although it limits my ability to do most everything (I’m adapting slowly), the majority of moments are spent deliciously like this, and I’m reminding myself to soak it in (even at ungodly hours):

I don’t think there’s anything better in the world than the weight of infant on my chest, comforted by my heartbeat and warmth, reciprocating with her quick breaths and occasional grunts, hiccups, and squeaks.  I still can’t believe she’s ours.

We had our first real outing to a public location today–couldn’t have picked a better place than town hall coffee.  Christina joined us, just three girls out on the town for about an hour and a half.  Turns out Aurelia is immediately comforted by the sound of coffee grinders–just more evidence that she is definitely John’s daughter.