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first music

28 Oct

For a brief time in college, I wanted to be a music therapist.  I don’t remember much (does anyone else feel like when you shove a ton of new information into your head, it kind of pushes a lot of the old stuff out?), but something about exposure to music early in life is supposed to boost one’s immune system and reduce cortisol levels.  Can anyone validate this?

So I’ve tried, when I’ve remembered, to be  a little intentional about music exposure during pregnancy…definitely not discriminating by any means, but also making sure to give way to musical cravings.  In the last several months, I’ve listened to an embarrassing amount of teenybopper, bubble gum pop and a decent dose of bluegrass but, especially at night, I’ve really wanted comfort.  During pregnancy, I was all about Rachmaninoff’s Vespers.  Since Aurelia’s birth, I’ve taken to playing Eric Whitacre when I’ve had to set her her down and–this is kind of bizarre–singing “With You” from Pippin when I’m changing her and she’s going ballistic (all this time John and I mocked mercilessly the concept of the “diaper wipe warmer” and the parents who purchase them…there might just be some method to their madness).

On that note, how cool is this?  Love everything about the Virtual Choir!