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what i should have said

26 Sep

Before scrubbing in for a cataract extraction, a scrub nurse begrudgingly handed me my preferred scrub size after asking me twice whether or not I was sure I wouldn’t be more comfortable in a larger size.  Then she said, “Are you sure you’re not having twins??”

Me: Why?  Do I look particularly large for 8 1/2 months?

Her: You look…huge.

Me: <overly apparent eye-roll> Thanks.  I’m flattered.

She didn’t get the sarcasm.

What I really wanted to do was unleash my bitch and tell her flat out: “Look, I’m one day shy of being full-term.  And at 28 pounds heavier than my normal weight (some of which I insist must be water weight considering my 2+ pitting edema in my ankles), I think I still weigh less than you, nearly 5 inches shorter than I am.  You work in health care.  Haven’t you learned at some point how to talk to a pregnant woman without making her feel like a fat cow?”

I swear, I’m normally a pretty nice person…

love note

22 Sep

Nothing feels better than walking out of a shelf exam to this in my inbox:

I hope this note finds you doing well after your peds shelf!  Congratulations on completing it.  You worked hard and slept little, while managing to work out, eat well and love me – you are amazing and I’m very proud of you.

I’ve been thinking recently about the differences between med school now and how it was like 30-40 years ago…I’ve heard horror stories.  It was cutthroat, and it must have taken the strongest type of personality to survive it.  The culture has changed in ways I can’t begin to imagine.  Yet med school is still one if not the most challenging thing I’ve done.  I am profoundly appreciative of the daily support I receive from my husband, my family, my friends and colleagues, faculty, physicians, mentors, staff, and countless other members of the community (like recently the baker at town hall coffee who cut up an apple for me because she was worried that I hadn’t eaten enough during a day’s worth of studying).  So, simply, thank you.  Thank you very much.

one more…

20 Sep

Just gave my last topic presentation at my peds outpatient site–pediatric conjunctivitis…give me a ring if you kid wakes up with his eyelids sealed shut and crusted over.

Now I’m in the library.  Compression stockings are on, belt is loosened (significantly), and I’m about to buy my second caffeinated drink of the day (don’t judge me, my kid’s nearly fully ripe).  2.5 more hours here, then I’m done for the day, and I’ll likely pass out as soon as I get home in the hopes of destroying tomorrow’s shelf exam.

In less than 20 hours, I’ll begin enjoying a more relaxing gestation.  I have LOVED peds, but I cannot wait!

Wish me luck!

adorable little germ bags

18 Sep

I guess it wouldn’t be the full peds experience without catching something from the kiddos.  Well played, little ones, well played.  I feel like my head might just pop off my body, and I only have tylenol and tea as therapy.  In less than a month, I’m ordering sushi, downing a strong drink, and throwing back all the cold remedies I’m not allowed to have now…not all at the same time, don’t worry.

In similar news, I was examining a little tike with possible scabies last week.  As I was reassuring the mom that contracting scabies had nothing to do with her parenting and nothing to do with poor hygiene, her child jumped on my lap and proceeded to climb all over me.  When I got home, I bee-lined for the shower as soon as I dumped my laundry in the hottest water our machine could produce.  Let’s hope I don’t also find larvae nestled in my skin next week.

whoa, for lack of a better title

17 Sep

In the few minutes before this weekend’s prenatal yoga class got started, the moms-to-be were talking about what they and their partners were doing for Halloween costumes, how they were going to incorporate their bellies into something that was funny, cute, maybe a little crass without being overly offensive.  As I thought out-loud, “I really hope I don’t make it to Halloween,” (I would be at 42 weeks…pretty sure I would beg for induction sometime before then) I looked around the room.  I am, officially, the “most pregnant” woman in my yoga class.  What happened to all the 38- and 39-weekers who were kicking it this summer?  (Yes, of course they delivered by now…but weren’t there some others in-between?)

Either paraphrasing or directly quoting my friend Anne, when she came to a similar realization prior to the birth of her daughter: “Shit just got real.”

Oh hey, one of my favorite things about the middle picture is that it shows off the circulation in my forearms and hands.  Next time you see a woman in her third trimester, take a look at her hands–that’s a marker of the 50% increase in blood supply.  As John said when he was palpating the backside of my hand, “Dude, I could jam like 100 IVs in that vein.”  Thanks, babe, that’s only mildly terrifying…can’t you just hold my hand like a normal partner?

fun fact about physician satisfaction

15 Sep

Thanks Ivor for being well read and knowing about stuff:

In a survey of 5704 physicians, pediatricians rated significantly higher than internists in job, career, and specialty satisfaction.  General pediatricians are more satisfied than all other physicians regarding their relationship with patients and personal time.  (Shugerman et al. in Pediatrics Vol. 108 No. 3)

And then, according to Dr. Callahan at CHOP, pediatric emergency medicine docs enjoy the highest satisfaction of all.


three years

12 Sep

Maybe my favorite class for my Masters was in the Law School: “Marriage, Culture, and the Imagination.”  My final paper argued something regarding the creation of marriage as a means for society to have some control over how we conceive and raise children.  Needless to say, I came away from the class with very conflicted feelings about the idea of marriage.

I still don’t have a true understanding of the institution; I doubt I ever will.  I never felt as though I chose to “get married”; I felt like I chose to be married to John–if that makes sense.  It felt right and good.  I wish that after three years I would have something a little more weighty to say, but the concept of marriage is still ethereal to me.

What I can say is that I love my husband, I love my marriage, truly, a little more each day.  Although we lived together beforehand, and had already loved each other through sickness, struggle, and massive amounts of debt, being married changed our relationship.  It’s a slip of paper, a written and verbal agreement in front of our family and friends, a recognition by the state of Virginia…a promise that we are partners, family to each other before any and all others.  And it makes a difference.

John, happy three years!  I have loved every minute.

Photos by the overwhelmingly talented and fabulously hilarious Julie Napear, taken during our engagement, at our wedding, and at the recent wedding of close friends/family.

One year and two years.