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adorable little germ bags

18 Sep

I guess it wouldn’t be the full peds experience without catching something from the kiddos.  Well played, little ones, well played.  I feel like my head might just pop off my body, and I only have tylenol and tea as therapy.  In less than a month, I’m ordering sushi, downing a strong drink, and throwing back all the cold remedies I’m not allowed to have now…not all at the same time, don’t worry.

In similar news, I was examining a little tike with possible scabies last week.  As I was reassuring the mom that contracting scabies had nothing to do with her parenting and nothing to do with poor hygiene, her child jumped on my lap and proceeded to climb all over me.  When I got home, I bee-lined for the shower as soon as I dumped my laundry in the hottest water our machine could produce.  Let’s hope I don’t also find larvae nestled in my skin next week.