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whoa, for lack of a better title

17 Sep

In the few minutes before this weekend’s prenatal yoga class got started, the moms-to-be were talking about what they and their partners were doing for Halloween costumes, how they were going to incorporate their bellies into something that was funny, cute, maybe a little crass without being overly offensive.  As I thought out-loud, “I really hope I don’t make it to Halloween,” (I would be at 42 weeks…pretty sure I would beg for induction sometime before then) I looked around the room.  I am, officially, the “most pregnant” woman in my yoga class.  What happened to all the 38- and 39-weekers who were kicking it this summer?  (Yes, of course they delivered by now…but weren’t there some others in-between?)

Either paraphrasing or directly quoting my friend Anne, when she came to a similar realization prior to the birth of her daughter: “Shit just got real.”

Oh hey, one of my favorite things about the middle picture is that it shows off the circulation in my forearms and hands.  Next time you see a woman in her third trimester, take a look at her hands–that’s a marker of the 50% increase in blood supply.  As John said when he was palpating the backside of my hand, “Dude, I could jam like 100 IVs in that vein.”  Thanks, babe, that’s only mildly terrifying…can’t you just hold my hand like a normal partner?