23 Jan

God, it even makes Acute Kidney Injury better.  Studying it, that is.  I don’t want to piece together what it does if you actually have AKI.

This morning, in the middle of the dark slush of the Presbyterian Hospital’s maze of driveways, a large coffee for $1.25 from Maria’s Lunch Truck felt as luxurious as the latte I indulged in at our local Town Hall Coffee this past Thursday.  The otherwise empty windowless work station where I’m currently reading patient charts is not quite as agreeable as studying at a table across from John at our coffee nook.


3 Responses to “coffee”

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    […] mentors, staff, and countless other members of the community (like recently the baker at town hall coffee who cut up an apple for me because she was worried that I hadn’t eaten enough during a […]

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    […] first real outing to a public location today–couldn’t have picked a better place than town hall coffee.  Christina joined us, just three girls out on the town for about an hour and a half.  Turns out, […]

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