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clinical pearls

31 Jan

By nature, review books are dense.  10 pages/hour I think is my maximum rate.  Often, I find it not so helpful to read when I’m not next to a computer in order to look up all the vocab, jargon, or acronyms that I don’t know (most of which I doubt I ever knew).

And then I get something like this:

During a digital rectal exam, the “normal prostate feels like a thenar eminence.  Cancer feels like a knuckle.”

Palpates muscles at the base of the thumb, then knuckle of the same thumb.  Got it.  Cool.  On to learning about TRUS–transrectal ultrasonography…yeah…totally did not have that acronym filed away.

Also, apparently my long-standing use/abuse of coffee and artificial sweeteners puts me at increased risk of bladder cancer.  And circumcision is likely protective against penile cancer.