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what should not be heard at a medical library

10 Oct

Her: You should not be using the computer!

Me: <genuinely bewildered> Why?

Her: Because you’re pregnant.

Me: So why can’t I use a computer?

Her: <gesturing wildly to my abdomen and speaking as though I was either hard of hearing or unable to understand English> Because. You’re. Pregnant.

Me: What are the risks of using a desktop computer while pregnant?

Her: All the energy and radiation!  It hurts the baby!

Me: I’m not being bombarded by radiation from a computer two feet away.  And, by the way, there has never been a documented incidence of a fetus being injured by the radiation of an x-ray–we only avoid it because of the inferred risks, which are more of a concern when you’re 9 weeks rather than 39 weeks pregnant–let alone the visible light and heat given off by a computer.

Did I go too far?  I tried to be patient.  It’s comical but still irksome.  Not quite sure what bothers me more: that she felt compelled to chastise a very pregnant stranger or that this level of ignorance is present in the library of a medical school.  Am I being patronizing?  Be real with me.


overheard on ent clinic

10 Oct

“Oh, by the way, you’re cured.”

I’ve never heard so many variations of that statement and “you’re cancer free” in a three-hour time block.  Pretty damn awesome.