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5 Oct

I’ve been reminded that the standard two-day weekend does not a stay-cation make.  But between John’s schedule’s lack of any sort of regularity and the whole med school thing, I’ll gladly relish two days in a row with my main squeeze.

We had hoped to get away last weekend, but John didn’t want to be more than an hour or two from the hospital, so our options were limited, and we weren’t so attracted to the idea of spending a ridiculous chunk of change on a B&B 40 miles from our front door.  Instead we decided to take advantage of the Philadelphia area, check off a few things we’ve always wanted to do.

On Friday night, we had a lovely dinner at home with one of our favorite families, who was generous enough to swing by Philly on the journey home to Israel.  Not gonna lie, just writing this is making me a tad misty…clearly a trip to Israel is in store for us in the very near future…well, as soon as our daughter can tolerate a transatlantic flight.  I also had the best 4 ounces of red wine of my adult life during dinner.

On Saturday, we drove out further into the country for raspberry and pumpkin picking, followed by a late dinner at Tinto.  We are slowing making it to all of Jose Garces’ restaurants.  So far we’ve been to five, and I think we might have had octopus at at least four of them.  The food and ambiance at each are worth the advanced reservations, the crowds, the price.

After a very lazy breakfast on Sunday morning, complete with gluten-free pancakes stuffed with fresh raspberries, we made it to the Rodin Museum, followed by the Franklin Institute for the exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Next up for the following weekends are the Barnes Foundation and Longwood Gardens.  Any other recommendations??