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25 Sep

So…I have been terrible about reading anything that’s not on a flashcard or in review notes recently.  Luckily, I have super smart friends who are both well-read and cultured…and they’re thoughtful enough to share articles that they think I would enjoy, which takes away all the risk of spending time reading something potentially boring or annoying.  I love my friends.

Anyway, below are three favorite articles that you should check out from the last several months:

Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to Be Well

All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting

What Broke My Father’s Heart

And some friends are writers in addition to their day jobs (I know, right?  My friends = not ambitious in the least).  Recent publications:

Lower Occoquan Watershed Plan Moves Forward

Where did our CT scan go to medical school?

And finally, I know I toss this article around a lot, but because I get to see Joshua Bell–only my classical musician crush!–perform FO’ FREE this Tuesday:

Pearls Before Breakfast (BTW, I was singing at St. Dominic’s just a few blocks away when all this was going down.)

Shocking no one recognized him…