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17 Sep

Whoa!  With John around, I’m finding it hard to do well, anything but be with him.  Except for small group section, I have missed every lecture since exams (looks like I’ll be VC-ing [Virtual Curriculum] a bunch after he leaves on Sunday)…which brings me to…

I PASSED!!!  Genetics, Embryology, and Cell and Tissue Biology–done done DONE!

I would love to say that I made it through the week cool as a cucumber…well, I thought I was, until I called John at 12:30 am on Tuesday sobbing–like violent sobs, the kind that make you feel like you’re going to choke on your own snot–that I was going to fail embryology and would he still love me if I failed out of med school.  Yeah…my husband is a saint.

Then, after pulling an all-nighter Monday/Tuesday in order to not fail said embryology final, I passed out for like 12 hours before cell and tissue.  I woke up on a crumpled towel on my bed, still in my running clothes–oh, I was a vision with my sweat-caked hair and rank tank top–two hours before the final.  Okay, so based on the last day’s “episode,” you would think I would be in hysterics.  Au Contraire.  I kid you not.  Once I figured out what day and time it was, I kind of thought to myself, “Okay, that was not what I had planned.  Do I think I can pass this test today?…..Yes, I think I can pass this test today.”  (In my head, I sounded a little like Joey Tribbiani: “Did they go to the zoo?…Supposably.”)  I know, it’s like a calmer bizarre-o Anna took over; I sure hope she sticks around for the next 4+ years.  One of the girls on my learning team even said that I looked “serene” during the exam.  Totally digging the whole pass/fail thing.

Now if only I can eliminate the freak-outs…or at least keep them to a max one a semester (month?), I’ll be set…and I’m sure John would be way appreciative.

Thank you so much for your support!  Next up: MORE Biochem (gag me); physiology; and ANATOMY!