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5 Sep

What Would Hermione Do?

Hermione would buckle down, watch the biochem lectures she missed (as if she would ever miss lecture!) on virtual curriculum (VC), and study cell bio.

I should get bracelets made.

I might have stolen this idea from Kyle.  Just sayin’.


new york, new york

5 Sep

Oh New York!  You and my beloved New Yorkers are good for the soul.

As I settled back into a corner of Chapterhouse, stack of cell bio notes in hand, I almost teared up twice out of withdrawal from all the good lovin’ I experienced this weekend.  And so, since I wasn’t getting anything done as a result, I decided to jot down the highlights.

I got a chance to stay with this crazy kid on the Upper East Side.  Kyle was one of my roommates during the post-bac year at Goucher, and he just started at Cornell Med (which, yes, is in Manhattan, not Ithaca).  The picture pretty much sums up my feelings for him.  So lucky to spend some snuggly time!  Kyle is probably the smartest kid I’ve met, and I’m really excited to see how he takes the medical field by storm.  Why are we not at the same med school?!  God, I miss living with him, staying up all hours watching Golden Girls instead of doing physics homework…him probably consuming something with mustard, me engulfing blueberries.  Plus side: we get a chance to visit our respective awesome cities.

Matt + Claire = an outstanding couple + a celebration of how extraordinary, fun, and whimsical love can be!  A night on the town with these two is always a treat.  Kyle could only meet them briefly, but as I was wolfing down gluten-free Mexican with them, I got this text from him: “Gosh, they were just lovely, clearly great people all around.  Thanks for introducing me to them!”  Then we went to a wine bar, at which the waiter spoke to us mostly in Italian (which none of us speaks), and I proceeded to get mildly inebriated from a third a bottle of Malbec.  Serves me right for forgetting to drink alcohol during the first month of med school.

Caitlin and Chris are getting married on Wednesday in a castle in Ireland!  And then they’re running a marathon in France four days later!  Talk about another incredible couple.  They serve our country in the Air Force, run marathons and even more crazy-ass races (wilderness relays, ironmen–these two are nuts!), swing dance, cook together, take care of two of the best dogs in the world, share a beautiful spirituality, and somehow make time to be wonderful friends and gallivant around NYC with me.  Thank you for taking me to the Met:

I tried, I really tried to be productive on Saturday night.  I ended up just walking myself down to the Tasti D-Lite on 1st Ave. and 73rd, wishing that it was our local J.P. Licks and that John was meeting me there:

Charlotte (to Harry): “I think it’s romantic that you walk me to Tasti D-Lite every night.”  Ain’t that the truth!  I don’t even think John likes frozen yogurt all that much, but he always orders some anyway (maybe just to keep me company, maybe to help me feel like less of a glutton)…now that’s love, baby.

Before leaving the city, I got to have breakfast at the Green Kitchen with Eunee (above right with fellow fun foodie Katy).  She is an MS2 at Cornell and has been quite the inspiration to me during the whole med school application process.  After Goucher, I got to spend one wonderful year in Boston with her–Eunee has a special knack for finding wonderful places to eat, with irresistible ambiance, flavor, and character, and I was so lucky that she let me accompany her on food discoveries.  It was so good to catch up with her over perfectly-cooked eggs florentine and admiring her stories and pictures of her Tanzanian adventures this summer.  I’m so looking forward to the cooler weather bringing out Eunee’s toasty hoodie…she going to be the best pediatrician!