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long time

23 Sep

Dear Readers,

It’s been too long!  I have not kept up my end of the deal: to write, albeit briefly, a little about my goings-on as a new medical student each day.  I’m not trying to be overly anal, but the act of writing really has been so therapeutic; it helps me appreciate recent experiences.  And you stopping by here, sharing your comments, and essentially keeping me honest (thanks so much for the inquiries about whether I’ve fallen off the face of the earth–I’m still here, at least in part), brings me joy.  Thank you.

This week…there is so much I would like to share, but most will have to wait until tomorrow’s mega-post.  Bottom line: I’m pretty wiped out.  And I need to figure out how to get all this shit done without driving myself totally batshit; my head is exploding.

Anyway, to hope that you stop by again tomorrow.  Topics of interest: meeting and getting to know my cadaver; elective class outside the med school–I don’t think you’re going to guess what I decided; the hash house harriers and my latest friend crush; how I told off a total douchebag.

For now, I’m falling asleep in my desk chair, so I think that’s my cue.  I look forward to reliving this week’s adventures tomorrow, and I hope that you have a fantastic evening!