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oh wednesday!

8 Sep

You surprise me sometimes.  Here I think you’re going to be all long and tedious, smack-dab in the middle of the week, and then you fill up with so many good things.

Congratulations to Caitlin and Chris on their marriage today in Ireland!

And to my beautiful eldest niece, who started kindergarten today!

After we talked ethics in genetics (dude, people who never participate became so vocal–love it!), I got my hair chopped by Mo at Aspara, the coolest hairstylist ever!  She is in a the performance group Zombies are Forever, performing at Philly Fringe…I’m pretty excited about anything having to do with Zombies…I mean, I did do my post-bac at Goucher College, home of the original Humans vs. Zombies.

Not sure if it’s a residual effect of Hurricane Earl or the first inkling that fall is just around the corner, but today was simply stunning, with relatively low humidity, vibrant blue skies, and tons of cirrus clouds.  Oh God, I’m gushing pathetically.  You would too if you spent yesterday in the biological sciences library.  It smells like mold and too much AC.