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wish me luck!

13 Sep

My first two “final” exams of med school are tomorrow, and then the third the following day!  At 11am on Wednesday, I will be DONE with genetics, embryology, and cell and tissue biology.  Woot!

I gotta say, a 70 to pass never felt so high before, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I received a some incredibly thoughtful notes from readers last week–whether you’re a regular or just stopping by, I love feedback!–and I’m deliberately trying follow some of your suggestions and hopes.  A strong and intelligent woman recently recommended (paraphrased): be as kind to yourself as you are with the people you love.  Thank you.  I’m remembering that goal in the final hours of cramming–attempting to be caring to my mind and body, to forgive myself for not studying more or with greater efficiency.

And then on Wednesday I get to see John!  And on Friday, my brother Steph, sister-in-law Anna Lynn, and their two spectacular kids are coming to town!  (Pictures below are from when the family visited us in Boston–is it not the most ridiculously good-looking family you’ve ever seen?!)  Needless to say, I will not be studying this weekend.

Please wish me luck!