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28 Mar

One my greatest joys of the past two months has got to be seeing Ari’s increasing fascination with food and the company of friends and family.  We don’t want to be the parents who tote their kid(s) around everywhere but, especially when there’s another potential baby-holder in the crowd, it’s pretty awesome to take her to restaurants, bars, other homes and watch her take it all in.  She takes an active interest in the foods we’re enjoying, watching us intently as though almost pleading, “Please, a little nibble?”  And when we’re not eating, she can’t stop flitting her eyes from person to person.  You can almost see the neurons firing!

I would like to think our babe has a slight preference for her mom and dad, but if you’re a fun new friend and are willing to share something delicious, we don’t stand a chance.  This became abundantly apparent when we had to stealthily snatch her back from Rebecca at the gelateria:

photo (1)

And at Ellen‘s we had another first: Ari went from being completely content in Emilia’s arms to inconsolable in mine.  I would be a little hurt if it wasn’t so sweet to see her develop such an immediate affection for a kind friend.

ellen 1 ellen 2

We were tickled pink to be included in Ellen’s blog recently, but these pictures are too good (and the food was too scrumptious) to not repost.  Before the potato leek soup was served, Ari happily gnawed on the fingers of our obliging host:

ellen 3 ellen 4

But then she could not get enough of Ellen’s creme fraiche:


As dinner came to a close, she settled for some fake, furry vegetation:

ellen 6

And then finally some of the same old same old, though I’m sure more exciting when provided by Katie, who looks so much more like her mama than I ever have:

ellen 7


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