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3 Mar

Today was a fantastically exciting day.  Today my essay was published in the New York Times!  Not to sound trite, but it’s kind of a dream come true for me.

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Family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and readers I haven’t had the privilege to meet have left some kind, encouraging words.  Thank you–they mean so much to me.

It’s strange to see my words in print (and online) in the New York Times–it’s almost like they were written by someone else who has a remarkably similar voice to mine, if that makes any sense.  What’s also bizarre is the mini-bio alongside the article that states: “A student at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the blog Anna in Med School.”  Author of the blog?  I feel like a kid who’s been working lovingly on his experiments in the basement of his parents’ house and then one day is recognized as a scientist or something.

I caught a few shots of Ari looking almost as elated as I feel.  She seems to have discovered her tongue–doesn’t get much better than that!

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