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300 pounds of books

18 Mar

We purging, painfully.  For the two months I’m back on the wards this spring, John’s grandparents will be staying with us to help take care of the babe (we are so unbelievably lucky!).  That’s 4.1 persons for one bathroom.  We’re trying to slim down and, this weekend, we finally got up the courage to tackle our book supply.

We love our books, but as we start to built a library for our new love, the time has come to trade my collection of Hawthorne and Icelandic folklore for Giraffes Can’t Dance and the Very Hairy Bear, and we simply don’t need three copies of The Hours (picture below).  Any book we hadn’t cracked for a decade, we willed ourselves to donate, despite our emotional attachment to the content.  Time for someone else to enjoy.  We donated over an entire bookshelf.

As a special treat to myself, I placed my board review books directly next to my collection of Harry Potter.  This summer, I’ll imagine I’m studying for my OWLs (Ordinary Wizarding Level exams), and that will make me feel better.  And on the shelf next to Harry Potter is what is left of my Master’s thesis material, a reminder of a very different, but lovely time in my life.

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More inspiration on living with less…not sure we’re there yet.