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13 Mar

Oh, I love how she talks to us!

She’s been all about the coos and sighs since week 6 or 7, so I’ve grown accustomed to her constant conversation.  A med student friend was marveling over all her noises recently.  On her peds rotation, she cared for an infant who had been neglected, and her attending had been concerned over how quiet the child was as a result.  It didn’t strike my friend as so odd until she observed Ari in comparison.

Despite words of wisdom from books and other parents, as a new parent, it’s hard not to feel like you’re neglecting your young as you hear her wailing on the other side of the curtain while squeezing in a quick shower.  The pleasure she seems to derive from our constant dialogue is the greatest assurance that we are, in fact, doing okay by her.  The thought of the alternative breaks my heart.