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le belly

25 Aug

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, John sent me this sweet card detailing his excitement over what would happen over the next several months and of prospect of raising a kid together:

I’m not sure my belly’s quite so exaggerated yet but, with my recently acquired outie belly button, I’m well on my way.


At our recent prenatal, the midwife performed Leopold’s maneuvers (an abdominal exam to determine the position and size of the fetus), then looked at my weight tracking.  “Well, your weight is exactly where it should be.  How big were each of you when you were born?”  I was 8 pounds, 3 ounces.  John was well over nine pounds.  “I think you have a very long baby in there.  Don’t worry, you’re tall and you have big feet, you can handle it.”  Some (additional?) good news is that the baby’s vertex (head down, ideal for delivery); hopefully she’ll stay that way so that I might be able to deliver vaginally this giant of a child I’m growing.