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our kind of warrior weekend

24 Aug

So, it began two weeks ago today.  I took my Ob/Gyn shelf exam.  Then John picked me up for a prenatal check-up, at which it was revealed that I do not, in fact, have gestational diabetes three weeks after I enjoyed my glucola cocktail–hence my excuse to carb-load guilt-free that entire glorious weekend.  Then I got to watch one of our closest friends receive his white coat, a kind of official induction into medical school, and celebrate with him and his family before passing out on our couch, feet propped high on our wall.  That was Friday.

On Saturday morning, we drove to Virginia.  First, we met Ellie, daughter of Nick and Amy:

Next up was my first opportunity to meet Jonathan, son of Lauren and Glen, nearly six months old!  (John has known him for months, and I’ve been green with envy.)  And this was also my chance to pick Lauren’s brain about the whole unmedicated childbirth thing…oh, and motherhood.  You would think after finishing Ob I would feel slightly less clueless than before.  I do not; not one bit.  Which is why I am SO thankful for good friends who did this thing first and are open and generous enough to share their experiences.

Then we scooted off to a baby shower hosted by the yayas and the Westcotts.  I don’t think I’m really a shower type of girl.  I identify with Miranda from Sex and the City, who specifically requested fried chicken and absolutely no baby games.  My girlfriends are the best.  They gave me a gathering of some of the women most special to me, with lots of soulful foods (I did not see a single crustless sandwich), optional baby games, gifts with which to help make our daughter at home in her new world, and a few choice “baby Jesus” jokes.

(I’m not sure why we turned out blue and luminescent.)

Finally, we got to be witnesses to Erica and Dan’s engagement!  Okay, I might actually be crying as I re-watch their engagement video–tears of course interrupted by a lot of laugher due to all all the side commentary by Dan, Zach, and John, my husband’s uninhibited, uncontrollable laughter, and Erica’s reactions and responses at every stop on the path to proposal.

Seriously, you want to watch this documentation: 

The following morning, we ate three brunches, drove back to Philly, took a cat nap (John told me I was worthless to him that tired), then stayed up until 3am cleaning out our guest/child’s room, which we’ve been using as storage space for all the things we didn’t want to unpack/deal with for the last year and change.

Five hours later I started orientation for Pediatrics.  John spent the day constructing a crib, taking multiple trips to salvation army, and making our a apartment less of a death trap for an infant.  Could not have possibly imagined it better.