the bread and butter of the body

26 Oct

The kidney.  Thank God there are are two of them, ‘sall I gots to say.  And no wonder the higher powers at Perelman have elected to devote not one but two four-hour testing blocks (this Friday and Monday) for our examination pleasure.  There’s a nice symmetry to it.

So, at some point, I’ll be back here to share, among other things:

  • my VC debut…cliffnotes: I’m awkward, but at least others can now appreciate this quality at 2x.
  • leading Doctoring with Derek on palliative care, hospice, and physician responsibilities toward a dying patient and his/her loved ones.  Trust me, read this letter.
  • exciting plans for our fall break!
  • some little tidbits about the kidney…it’s actually mildly interesting at times, and not only when it’s covered in cysts.
  • apparently we find out the order of our clerkships on Monday!  !!!

doesn't begin to do it justice

Looking forward to being a better blogger!


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