yoga between the vines

24 Oct

On Sunday, Julia and I took a quick jaunt out of the city to take a yoga class at Crossing Vineyards.

Good little med students that we are, we went home to study acute kidney injury, forgoing the complimentary wine tasting.  A partially shot afternoon…well worth it for this view during supta vajrasana:

The picture, of course, doesn’t do it justice…to be fair, it was taken from a phone while my head was upside down.

One last thing, then I need to start acting like a student and prepare my case for tomorrow: maybe one of the hardest things about med school for me is missing the outdoors.  I just can’t justify spending nearly as much time as I would like to outside, and the weather has been teasing us with intermittent beautiful crisp fall days recently.  One more week until the end of renal!




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