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an analogy

9 Oct

The kidney is like the 18th century novel.  Dense.  Convoluted.  Boring.  So very unfortunately necessary…magnificent.

As John hugged a defeated Anna on his way to work this afternoon: “Don’t worry.  What you’re learning about is important, and it will come together and get better.  And then maybe you can reteach me what you discover.”

Five happenings from the last week to appreciate:

  1. A long, familiar dinner with Doria.  We used yummy veggies that I bought from the Mennonites at the farmer’s market near school.
  2. PennMed Yoga’s first yoga class taught by fellow MS2 Katie O.  Nothing better than falling asleep in savasana…even if that’s not really the goal.
  3. Practicing techniques of performing a physical exam, and having friends who are kind and perceptive enough to insist a quick departure from school before meltdown ensues.  These two things go together, really.
  4. One of my closest friends interviewing at PennMed…and he loved it (and I suspect they loved him)!
  5. A fantastic night out with Eric and this couple.  Mediterranean fare, truffle fries, Olde City Fro-yo, and a gluten-free, Israeli cone.  I even wore heels.