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3 Oct

In contrast with last Monday’s five-hour cardio exam, when practically no one finished a minute early, Friday’s derm exam was finished by the majority within 11-16 minutes.  Jim T, I think I love you.  Maybe the most fun exam of med school yet, and that’s in competition with last year’s second anatomy exam, during which learning team 10 blue dressed as the supinators.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure I love pediatric dermatology enough to appreciate receiving texts and emails at all hours with attached pictures of my sister’s co-worker’s cousin’s child’s butt, as our course director described.  So I guess this field will have to be something I look back on with fondness as a very welcome treat between cardio and renal.

Post-16-minute exam, I hopped a bus to NYC, found my way to my meeting with Erica on the LIRR, then was greeted by Stephie and Liz at Port Jeff.  Three of the best women in the world, as you’ve heard tell.  Good food.  Good wine.  The best company.  Hours and hours of not leaving the apartment, sitting in our pajamas on the soft carpeted floor, talking and listening about everything and nothing.  I had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time, using it as motivation to survive the first six weeks of year two, and it served as the best possible kind of rehabilitation.

The golden weekend was capped off with brunch with two of my favorite gents at one of my favorite brunch nooks, a long run through the newly crisp autumn-ness, and hours of cooking up a storm so that we can have ready-made dinners for the week.  It was a lucky day.

And then renal started at 8am with a bang…