the runaway

29 Jul

Remember that fabulous artist and professor whose exhibition I got to see last month?  Well, I was most certainly surprised and entirely flattered when he asked me to model for one of his characters in his third graphic novel.  What a fun, novel experience!  My character is “the runaway,” one of the female love interests/antagonists of series protagonist “German.”  I don’t want to spoil what I know of the plot by giving away too much, but this photo shoot was blast, consisting of a range of scenes, from a butterfly chase to me vomiting in a sandpit.

Here’s an unfinished page of the novel Jeremy was kind enough to let me share:

The two best parts: 1) Since the pictures were going to be converted into drawings, the pressure was off.  We didn’t have to worry about getting the right light or angle, I didn’t have to be concerned about my clothes or facial expressions being perfect (which is awesome because a model, I am not).  To the best of my ability, I could just let myself have fun!  2) When a good friend finds someone who makes her so happy, its a joy and privilege to get to know that person.  How lucky am I to have this time with Jeremy Waltman, albeit a bit outside of my comfort zone 😉

For more of Jeremy’s work:


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