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13 Jul

Within minutes of finishing our GI exam, my classmates started posting on facebook/gchat/twitter: “One fourth an MD”; “Year one of med school–check”; “Officially an MS2!”  They were all right, I’m sure.  Still, I’m with Toby, who would not allow a single drop of champagne to be drunk until the presidential appointee for the Supreme Court received 51 yea votes.  I believe in a thing called “tempting fate.”

So, for me, I didn’t officially become an MS2 until this past Friday, when I received my grade memo.  I know it’s only supposed to get harder and all, but I can’t help but feel oddly optimistic, like I can actually do this whole med school thing.  Plus, doesn’t “MS2” just sound so much more legit than “MS1”?  Like I actually belong here and might turn into a doctor one day…