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seventeen hours

11 Jul

John, Stephie, Ben, and I spent eight and a half hours in an overly packed Acura to get down to the Corolla, NC this Saturday.  Beach week is the best week of the year, and this year marks the 10th year the Y’s & HMC have been gathering together, huddled cozily in one house, playing Kings and High Tide, making stupid-ass decisions (licking the electric cold tub of death…shooting Campari…), and simply reconnecting after a year spent separated by states, oceans, and continents.

This year we have 30 (thirty) people making appearances at beach week.  I love us.

But I am not very good at demonstrating love after eight and a half hours in traffic.  So I said hello to the people who had arrived, darted into an empty bedroom and proceeded to sleep for 17 hours.  No joke.  Whoever said you can’t make up for lost sleep was seriously delusional because, apart from feeling guilty for being horribly antisocial, I feel 10,000x better.

Officially recovered from year 1 of med school.