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becoming local

31 Jul

You might remember, I was hesitant at first about moving out to the ‘burbs.  I love my city, and I love city life…being able to to pick up an emergency roll of toilet paper from the corner Foodery at 11:30pm, to bike to school, to turn a corner and land in the Italian Market, to walk 100 yards to the Emergency Room (ya know, in case I happen to fall off my bike a block from home).  To be practically non-reliant on a car or any form of public transport, it’s a beautiful thing.

But where we live now, just outside city limits, is unlike any suburb I’ve ever known.  Maybe it’s because we’re a five-minute walk to the light rail.  Maybe it’s the young, somewhat hippie-ish energy of our neighborhood.  More than that, however, I think it’s the town feel of a it all.  We’re surrounded by independent businesses, by people who support them, by organized community gatherings, by scenic outdoor areas.  It doesn’t just feel like an extension of Philadelphia.

Today I took advantage of one of the Groupon Now! deals, and attended a $5 yoga class at this local studio I’d been dying to try.  (And now I’m just sort of dying a little, because Mark kicked my ass!  I swear, every single one of my intercostal muscles is sore…is that even possible?)

I got to talking with another woman in the class (who’s an ophthalmologist–jeez!), who recommended I go to the neighborhood cheese shop for their iced coffee.  They use ice cubes made out of coffee–brilliant!  Dear Dunkin’: maybe if you took a page from the cheese co. book, you wouldn’t have to double brew your iced beverages.

On the way home, I stopped byour nut store because our basil plant is growing like a freakin’ weed, I have to keep making pesto.  (Does anyone know if this stuff freezes well?)  The Head Nut also sells like every spice known to man (in bulk!) and gluten-free soy sauce (in original, organic, and low sodium varieties).

I think I’m becoming a townie.  Weird.