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date night

28 Jul

We’re bringing it back.

In Boston, even though we were living with each other, we found that we rarely had the chance to have dinner together, just the two of us, unless we were really proactive about making the time, actually scheduling a dinner together each week.  (Between his crazy resident’s schedule and my two jobs, we joked about how much google docs and calendars have been crucial components of our relationship.  Hell, I’m not sure we would have even made it to the altar at the same time if it wasn’t for that nebulous, omnipresent entity that is google.  Shhoooooot!)

This week we had dinner at this tasty little byob near my old stomping grounds in Philly.  Wonderful food.  The BEST company.  And the meal was a gift from our former landlady in Boston!  She sent us a gift certificate when she returned our deposit.  Can you believe it?  Clearly she’s the sweetest woman alive and/or my hubby is quite the charmer.