when she strikes

7 Jul

Every now and again I actually venture outside my med school cocoon and meet new and interesting people who, while I mean no offense to my peers, bring fresh air into our circles.  It’s pretty great to get out of the med rut we so easily fall into, even if it’s simply reminiscing about the last adorably ridiculous comment Faust made during review (“Red’s my favorite color, but not when it’s coming out of someone’s mouth or butt.”).  When we meet individuals who meet or exceed our level of passion, but within a forum that is so not like med school–say, a professor and artist–we’ve hit the jackpot.

Meet Jeremy Waltman.


He’s going with my beautiful poet-med student friend Lauren.  Caroline, Eric, and I were fortunate enough to get to tag along with her for the opening of his most recent and ongoing exhibition When She Strikes, a collaborative installation by Jeremy and Matt Miley that comprises two wall-sized drawings, video, and sound.  Appropriate for the name, their work is certainly striking, to say the very least, a multimedia depiction of impact and damage.  The exhibition is free and open to the public at La Salle University until August 11th.  See it.

This project occupies an entire room.  Matt said that he built expandable sliding walls at his place in Brooklyn in order to provide the room to work.  Can you imagine?  I get overwhelmed trying to sew together patches for a quilt or crochet anything larger than a scarf.  I’m not sure I ever considered the confines of physical space on a visual artist…how did they even transport the project?


3 Responses to “when she strikes”

  1. Eric Rosoff July 7, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Faustism #413: “The Thing to know about Radiology is that it exists.”

    Jeremy & Matt’s show was great, and the space was pretty spiffy, too.

    • annaojesus July 10, 2011 at 2:02 am #

      …and the company was the best!

      That might be my favorite Faustism, maybe because it’s adorable and personally affirming at the same time.


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