starting somewhere

5 Jul

I hope it’s obvious that I don’t treat this blog as a diary.  Then again, I never kept a diary, so maybe it’s a poor point of contrast.  Bottom line, I don’t give all the boring details of every passing minute, or even an account of all the most important happenings to me.  I’ve come to simply write exactly what I feel/think when I have the chance to do so.

Still, after not writing for a while, I always kind of dread getting back into it.  The last two weeks since the last exam have been jam-packed with good, sometimes tedious, always energy-consuming stuff.  They’ve been wonderful and celebratory in large part, but I am so looking forward to our real vacation, which starts Saturday!

So I thought I’d start with a brief picture show of the most time-consuming/rewarding project of the last two weeks: recombining John and my homes into one.

Final moments in my sunny apartment at 912 Pine, yards away from the Italian Market, right in the thick of things:

A few details of our new home…one of my mothers-in-law bought us our first new-home plant (we could not have done the move without her and her husband–huge thanks!)…

Quickly becoming one of my favorite spaces in the house (granted, we haven’t finished with the study yet…we have a study!):

We were able to coerce Jon and Jamie to celebrate the 4th with us in the ‘burbs.  We love their company, but we also love that their coming over served as a great impetus to get our butts in gear and make the place (at least the downstairs) look habitable.  I made them take a picture of me and Jamie, mostly because I was pleased that I unknowingly dressed Independence Day-appropriate (I don’t think I’ve done that since I was eleven), and it’s always nice to be in pictures with beautiful women:

Poor John has received an earful of annoying laments about missing the city.  I loved living in the city, for sure, but the suburbs has its perks, first and foremost John (and space and doors that close).  This will be a good place for us.

Of course the suburbs also has its oddities/steriotypes.  I met a neighbor while out exploring and he asked, “So, how many kids do you two have?”  <llllllllllllllllllllll…>  I don’t see us throwing back a few on his porch any time soon.


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