five years

4 Jun

Happy Reunions, Class of 2006!!!  Part of my heart will definitely be with you this weekend.  Kathleen, please drink one of your famous mojitos for me, then transition to sangria.  All you other ‘hoos down in ‘hooville, bourbon and coke!

Some favorites:

trivia: Dr. Seuss got his inspiration for the Grinch from this dude who got rejected from UVA, got rich, and built a rotunda-looking mansion on top of O’Hill so that he could look down on all the wa‘hoos down in ‘hooville

traditions: trick-or-treating on the lawn

course: Ulysses and Modernity (which I suckered two of my music professors into taking with me…while we were students together, I got to call them by their first names)

drinks and eats: St. Maarten’s; Bluegrass Grille; Mas; Arch’s; feast; Mudhouse

garden (there are ten): VI (totally under-appreciated)

study spot: the Sally Brown Reading Room (there’s a fireplace!)

first-year memory: getting “rolled” by the newdos (my apologies to my suite, especially my RA, who I believe came out with a baseball bat)

worst decision: Eucharist power-hour

organizations: Musicians on Call; U-Singers; Newdos; ASB; Sustained Dialogue; the Speakers’ Bureau; SEP

mentors: Michael S; Marcia C; Chris K; Pamela B; Scott P; Anna B; Tico B; Raymond N

secret society: I have to say the Sevens…but I do love the Pumpkins!

outdoor activities: Old Rag Mountain hiking, Carter Mountain Orchards, and James River tubing

concerts: yo-yo ma fo’ free at the paramount, john d’earth with pete spaar at veritas starry nights

road trip: new orleans in a car without AC, heat, and radio, but with three of my favorite women

unexpectedly challenging moment: conducting U-Singers singing “Lux Aurumque” and “Silent Night” to a sea of wahoos during the lighting of the lawn

best piece of advice: “college is not a trade school”–good thing too, since I took a total of one science class, never went to class, and got a C…well, being a C student apparently didn’t stop some man from becoming president :/

unexpectedly life-changing moment: being introduced to my husband at the end of my first semester…by my boyfriend at the time


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