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uncle ben

1 Jun

I can’t get over this series of Ben with his niece.  She simply could not stop smiling when in his company (despite the feared stranger anxiety about which we learned in Brain & Behavior, part II).  She was also quite the show-stopper at the wedding, and her godparents (the newlyweds) were all too happy to pass on some of the limelight.

It occurred to me, Ben, that this whole wedding thing…we’ve really experienced a nice variety together:

  • French Catholic–the three-day celebration
  • New Orleans Nouveau Cajun-style, complete with Second Line
  • Moroccan-Israeli “Henna” Wedding
  • Virginian botanical gardens, where it’s acceptable to drink before noon
  • Minnesotan…ironically, my first Jewish wedding in a synagogue, I think

Minneapolis might not draw out the same amount of the party animal as Old Jaffa…

…but, with the company assembled by Matt and Claire, it took us very little time to transition from this:

…to this:

Well played, friend.  Hopefully we didn’t cause too much trouble?