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should men be doctors?

14 Jun

In the last 72 hours or so, this article and this response have been making waves, well, pretty much everywhere, particularly throughout the medical community.  Like most of my peers, I have a lot to say, though I’m gathering I’m a bit more ambivalent than most (note: ambivalence does not equate apathy).  But I’m starting to get a mini-pit of anxiety in my stomach (or maybe it’s a gastric ulcer?) regarding our upcoming exam, so I’m just going to leave you with this excerpt from the response:

I think that argument gets it backwards. The problem is not that workers — mostly women at this point — are demanding too much, but rather that professions are archaically structured. Also, that the push for change still comes mostly from women. The answer is neither to shut up, nor to buck up. The answer is to recalibrate the hours and expectations of professions so that they can be done by the “new worker” — not a man with a wife at home (which is the assumption of the old structures) but rather a mother or father with a working partner and responsibilities at home.  (Lisa Belkin)

Clearly, I’m a big lover of women.  We’re fascinating (at times terrifying) creatures and, while I readily agree with Belkin, I don’t so much mind that we have to keep having this life/work balance debate over and over (and over) again, cycling around somewhat stale, though consistently provocative, arguments.  What gets my goat is how infrequently men enter the discussion…which is, by the way, a total disservice to all our men.  As complicated and frustrating as life/work choices are for women, I might argue that they are more limiting for men.  Who ever heard of a male physician taking paternity leave?