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brimming with pride, as always

23 Jun

On Monday, John graduated from residency.  I’m putting it lightly when I say that he kicked ass in Boston, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Not only was he recognized for his work, dedication, and leadership as one of the chief residents, but he also received an award of scholarly achievement, newly created to recognize his level of bad-assery.  Perhaps the best demonstration of his impact is in what his patients and his colleagues have to say about him.  Some of the notes that patients submitted on his behalf were read at the ceremony…it’s hard to fathom how many lives he’s touched, how many have been made a little (or a hell of a lot) better due to his service.  But some of my favorite moments had to be while mingling with other residents or the incoming intern class.  It takes a special kind of leader to be so unanimously well-liked and respected.  John’s simply amazing.  And now he’s an attending physician.

John and I were both so honored that Matt could join us for the celebration.  He’s been such an integral part of our lives in Boston, both personally and professionally.  And he and John make quite the research team–I love it!  Then, on Tuesday, we learned that Matt destroyed the MCAT.  I have three responses: 1) CONGRATULATIONS, you deserve it!  2) I f—ing told you so.  3) Come to Penn!

I couldn’t decide whether to include the picture of us with or without flash, so you’re getting both:

Especially when next to such handsome men, I look a bit disheveled.  Let’s just recognize that I still, at least, have both eyes intact after applying mascara on a turbulent airplane.  Score.

Quick story: Matt was actually the first person I told when I got my MCAT scores back from my third time taking that hellish test.  We had just had rehearsal with the TFC, and he and Tom (another totally inspiring dear friend who, incidentally, has a voice like melted chocolate) had been charged with the task of keeping me distracted (with a fair amount of alcohol and Pandemic, as I recall), so that I wouldn’t continually check to see if my scores had been posted.  I got my scores when I got home that night, around 1am.  I tried to call John in the ED, but had to leave a message…and I simply had to tell someone I loved.  So Matt was the lucky person I woke up in the middle of the night.  His reaction: “Oh, I’m so happy for you…what should we do?  Do you want to go out and celebrate??!”  Um, dude, it’s 1am on a Monday…go back to sleep, buddy.  But how sweet of him, right?

CliffsNotes: SO proud of these two gentlemen.  I love them both, so much a lot.