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adam west–batman–HOLY carmina burana

28 Jun

Okay, now I’m excited.

(Apologies for the radio silence of late.  It’s been an…unconventional week.)

Last night we had our first rehearsal with the guest conductor for tonight’s concert.  I don’t think I’ve had so much fun at rehearsal in, I don’t know, 5+ years?  That crazy, dirty Costa Rican conductor!

I need to scoot off to this morning’s rehearsal at the Mann Center, and maybe allow myself enough time to get lost on my bike…thank goodness for smart phones!  But…if you’re itching for a fun/ky outdoor concert tonight (you can bring your own booze!), you can buy $10 lawn seats here!

Also, I know I used to bitch about the TFC’s policy of memorizing EVERYTHING (oy, Mendelssohn!)–I mean, it’s kind of a party trick, yeah?–but I have never been more thankful for knowing a piece cold.  Guerrero, you want to push the tempo of “Veni, Veni, Venias” beyond the limits of sanity??  By all means.  My eyes aren’t leaving your right hand.