the cost of free internet

13 Jan

I keep telling myself that the temporary inconvenience of not having Internet access for a night or two a month is worth what I’m saving by “borrowing” wireless from a generous neighbor…whatever; most of the people in my building dump their recyclables in my makeshift blue bin, so it’s a fair trade-off. But a comment or two on the talk I attended this evening, “The Quest for the Perfect Vagina: Understanding the What, How, and Why of Trendy Cosmetic Surgical Procedures and the Ethical Considerations Involved,” will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the mean time, I am putting in writing what my dissection group has already heard, oh, four or eight times: I am no longer allowed to take home a jar of nut butter of any kind. I hear that natural peanut butter actually helps prevent arterial blockages, but probably not in the quantities I consume.


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