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25 Jan

On Sunday evening, John and I had the good fortune of having a double date with the lovely couple above for restaurant week.  Everything about Fork was spectacular…the artfully constructed courses warranted gesticulations so grand on my part, that my fork literally leapt out of my hand during one particularly scrumptious morsel.  John: “Shoooot!–we can’t take you anywhere.”

I met Jon M (half of said gorgeous couple above) on the interview trail last year.  Either I had made a decent impression or had succeeded in sufficiently embarrassing myself, but he somehow remembered me when we saw each other six months later at Penn Preview.  And I’ve been tagging along after him ever since.  He’s an exceptional mind and a dear friend to me…and part of me looks forward to the last few days of cramming before an exam because it means I have additional excuse to study with him.

Jon took the beginner’s course in medical Spanish last semester.  I might be getting this story wrong, but I believe at one point, the students were asked to describe their significant others or friends in two words in Spanish.  Keep in mind, Jon studied French in college; he was only a few weeks into learning Spanish.  When asked to describe his wife, Jaime, this is what he could come up with: “tall” and “nice.”  Good effort.  Fabuloso! I wish I spoke Spanish.