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friends as inspiration

22 Jan

When the whole med school thing popped into my head, I’m a little embarrassed to say, I did the age math.  Ugh!  I’m going to be in my thirties when/if I graduate, and my mid- to late-thirties when I finish residency.  And then my life is practically over.  Okay, an exaggeration for sure, but my attitude was ludicrous nonetheless: a) although I sometimes wish it were otherwise, I’m definitely not an anomaly, as taking years off before school is pretty standard, if not the norm; 2) I think, just maybe, there is life past 35 (haven’t we learned anything from Sex and the City?).

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to watch the friends from college go on and become doctors while I’m only starting school.  But much much more often, it’s nice to have people I love and admire kind of show me how it’s done, become the type of physician I hope to be.

Lisa is a pediatrician.  I think she was always supposed to be a pediatrician.  She has a gentle warmth and kind temperament about her that attracts people, especially children.  I got to know her in the Dominican Republic, watching her play baseball with the children of Esperanza.  I was trying to describe her to my neighbor yesterday…she’s one of those exceptional people who is able to handle stress and keep all her ducks in a row, like a real adult or something.  She always had a life outside of med school, making time to have lunch with me on the corner while studying for the boards, volunteering at a camp for children with special needs while serving as president of UVA Med.  And, when she stayed with John and me for her Boston interviews, I discovered that she wears a purple suit.  Love that girl.

Yesterday I came home to find a package with my name on it in curly print.  Inside were some treats in tupperware and a note: “Nothing like some hot chocolate and cookies after a hard day of school/studying.  Good luck with this semester!  xoxo, Lisa”  Did I mention that she’s in her intern year?  She probably made the cookies post-call.  I think I’m a few months older, but I still want to be her when I grow up.