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6 Jan

What a great name, eh?

Today has not been the best.  But, all things considering, I am just really thankful that I don’t have lungs like some of the ones I handled today in pathology lab.  Liquefactive necrosis, you are one foul piece of work.  Caseous (meaning cheese-like) necrosis is pretty nasty…but the complete lack of lung tissue, the empty space that once contained healthy tissue, resulting from liquefactive necrosis is down-right terrifying. 

I was also reminded of this great video of Hans Rosling from four years ago.  Minutes 2:40-5:05 give you the breakdown.  This November/December, another video of his was circulating around the cyberspace, but I’m partial to this one.  Ted sent it to me as a pick-me-up while I was in the throes of my masters thesis.  I might be rewatching it right now…